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.UK Domain Names.

.UK domain names entered the domain name market in 2014, being shorter and more appropriate for the UK market it could eventually be a top level option for businesses in the UK.

Here at the we are optimistic of its entrance, we appreciate it puts the domain name in line with other countries such as France (.fr) Ireland (.ie) etc but it does mean that approx 10 million websites using the current domain extension will need to consider taking up a .uk domain name.

If you are using the extension for your website and you decide to purchase the .uk extension you will need to do so before anyone else does, you however will have a first option of up to 5 years to do this.

Some of the reasons we feel that you should purchase the .UK domain name extension are.

The .uk domain may become the extension for the UK Domainmarket, so you will need this extension.

If you don't purchase it someone else could and use it in competition.
Potential fraudulent use such phishing.
Passing off and gathering traffic from potential misspellings.

There are I am sure many more reasons why you will need to consider registering the new .UK domain name extension.

The domainmarket.UK has a good selection of established domain names for sale.

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